Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"One" excerpt 4

             "Do you always get what you want?" I counter.
            "Not always. But I'm a patient man."
            "You're very stubborn. It's like you have rocks in your head," I try to stall.
            "My head's as hard as my body."
            "Probably because that body of yours is made out of cement," I retort.
            "I thought girls like a man hard."
            I suck in a breath. "Not all," I manage to reply.
            "Do you?"
            "Do I what?"
            "Like a man hard?"
            This is spiraling out of control. My heart is beating faster, but the sensations are pleasant like adrenaline rushing through every cell. "No," I choke out, trying not to feel his metal hard body brushing against mine.
            "Prove it," he challenges.
            There's a roar in my head. "What?"
            "Go on another date with me while I'm… hard."

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