Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Author Blog Hop, Giveaway, and Excerpt of "One" July 3- July 10!

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to be participating in a HUGE author blog hop hosted by the amazing Lady Amber Reviews! Dozens and dozens of authors are participating and each author is hosting their very own giveaway including yours truly.

What makes this blog hop unique is that it exposes readers to authors that you might not have heard of previously. I have added a link below with a list of dozens of authors. There is a direct link to the author's site so that you're able to gain instant access to them and their books. There are so many amazing authors participating, and if you're a book lover like me you're probably drooling with anticipation right now.

Click on the link below to start discovering authors! You won't regret it!

Remember to sign up for the giveaway above!

Without further ado this is the second excerpt of "One". It is a small part of the prologue. 


*unedited and may be subject to change


             I follow him.

            The dark shadow is hard to see because he blends in so easily like a natural predator. If I squint my eyes I can make out the sharp outline. I imagine seeing the dark rectangular spectacles resting on the bridge of his nose. I imagine his lips curled in a gentle smile that doesn't quite reach his eyes. I watch as he slips into the house like the phantom he is.

            The house doesn't look menacing. It looks normal. A rural colonial home. Beautiful, grandiose- but something stirs inside. The curtains are closed, but I imagine there are lights on. I imagine there are people moving, silent as he is.
            I need to get in. It goes against every instinct inside me. Grandma says I'm a survivor, and she's right. I've survived when all I've wanted to do was crumble. I've stayed when I desperately wanted to run. I've closed my eyes, and grit my teeth through it all because I'm a survivor.
            Tonight, it ends. 

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