Sunday, June 23, 2013

"One" excerpt

*excerpt unedited and may be subject to change*

            "Do I make you nervous?" His husky drawl drips like chocolate covering a ripe, round strawberry. Does he make me nervous? Does a simmering volcano make an ant nervous? The thoughts whisper through me. It's a burst of sanity.
            "Nervous? I'm not nervous," I babble, refusing to look at him. The buzzing gets louder making me more jittery and restless. What's that thing I do where I take in air, and then let it out? Oh yes, breathing. I need to do that.
            I try to calm down. I try to feel balanced. That burn down my throat isn't balanced though. It's not steady. It's a fire. It's a roar. And my body no longer belongs to me alone. It belongs to that high; that peak that moments earlier I was basking in.
            I make a strangled sound and inhale through my nostrils, taking in the smoky air like a ravenous puppy finding milk. Instantly I feel Pax's heat next to me. Soon I'll be immersed in it, wrapped in it.
            Wrapped around him.
            So does that make me nervous? Only a hundred kinds of nervous.
            "Time to begin!" Cade yells, as he jogs back to Pax and I, flashing his pearly whites. He pounds Pax on the back. "Don't drop the ball," he grins.
            "As if I ever do."
            Cade turns to me. I see the second he registers my cleavage is exposed to the world. His eyes appraise me slowly. He gives me an appreciative grin. "Well, hello there."
            "Hi," I reply, unsteadily. "Um, should we start now?" I don't mean to be rude, but words are bursting out of me with abandon. Something else owns my thoughts now.
            "You okay?" Pax asks me kindly. "You look a little green."
            "I'm a second away from vomiting every cell inside me, and call me crazy, but I'd prefer not to start off my year known as the Vomiter." The words are candid. A part of me realizes I should've kept them inside.
            Pax bites his lower lip. I'm not sure if he's concerned or if he's trying not to laugh.
            "Let's start." He inserts himself between us, blocking Cade's view of me. His firm, half naked body is next to my face. Pax's musky cologne combined with a sweaty scent unique to him suddenly assails my nostrils tipping my senses further.
            Cade chuckles, looking amused. Abruptly, I want to glare at him. I don't find anything amusing about this. "Ready when you are."
            Pax turns to me, his emerald eyes dark pools underneath the starlight. For an endless moment I'm going up, up, up again. I'm not flying. I'm suspended in air. My pulse skitters. Something hard and hot unfurls in my belly. Unable to tear my gaze from him I watch helpless as his mouth drifts closer, until he's so close his breath mingles with mine.
            "Ride me."

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