Thursday, March 14, 2013

FLAME giveaway!!

Anyone who reviews FLAME by Friday March 22 on AMAZON, Barnes and Nobles or Goodreads will receive a signed bookmark (while supplies last) AND be entered to win a $15 Amazon GC! If you do BOTH Amazon or B&N (depending on where you purchase) AND Goodreads you will get your name in the giveaway TWICE :)

**note: the signed bookmark is valid for people residing in USA, Canada, Australia or UK. BUT the GC is universal!

Here's how to do it for Amazon:
Go to your account and then to your public profile where your reviews will be brought up. Click "See All Reviews". There will be two buttons underneath your review. One says "comment", the other says "Permalink". If you click Permalink it's a direct link to your review. Then copy/paste the URL and email it to me :)  SIMPLE. Really. 

Barnes and Nobles: 

Email or message me the link for your review

Indicate who you are on Goodreads and be sure to friend me so I can verify

Here's my email: 

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