Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Flame" teaser

FLAME is releasing in March. I can't wait to share it with you. Here is a teaser :) 

          "You got the money?" The voice is rough, and unnatural. The skinny man smiles dazedly at him. Cold eyes glare back. A thought crosses his mind that he should be scared, and he feels a slight tremor go through his body.  The only thing that keeps him upright is the rush of adrenaline from the E-bomb he had snorted earlier.

            He hands the cloaked figure the rolls of Benjamins from his jacket pocket. Fifteen thousand dollars. That's how much his sister had given. There are some hundreds missing that he used to pay off his dealer, but it'd been worth it. He couldn't be standing here with the delivery tonight if he had gotten jumped, now could he? Large hands count the hundred dollar bills, muttering softly. He sees the exact moment the man realizes some money has disappeared. He gulps.

            "Hey, man, chill, I can get you the rest later," he attempts to sound cool, but his voice sounds weak, and pleading. In the silence, one thought whispers in his mind: he should've snorted more. His heart's pounding now, but it isn't from the drug.

             It's from fear. 

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