Saturday, January 26, 2013

So excited! The cover will be revealed TOMORROW! ♥ Here is an excerpt of "Flame: a Fireborn novel"

I don't have long to live.

I'd never thought about the way I would die before, but if I had, it wouldn't be like this. Alone. In the darkness. Drained. 

They told me that I didn't come from this earth. They were only half right. My people were born somewhere else far away. When we arrived we remembered who we were. We remembered the glow and the fire. We remembered the blood. Our purity was gone, but our fight for survival was not.

We were marked. Our blood was black as ash. But they didn't truly understand what we were, and the things we were capable of.

It was the law in every race on every planet that the strong survived, and the weak didn't. He was a weak one, who saved us all. He was feverish in the head, and his eyes were bright with something that no one could understand. He could hear the voices from underground, and he followed them like petals to the wind.

The nameless one with chaos in his mind had outwitted the gods.

He had a secret, made of fire, bones, and flesh. He helped me to leave clues in the wind, and swept them across the world.

He was waiting for the day when the undying one would die.

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